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Our solutions powered by AWS

Everything you need for secure & efficient online voting
Empower your voters and streamline elections with Invote Pro. This online voting solution simplifies the whole election process, enabling voter participation from anywhere and on any device. Top-of-the-line security measures, like end-to-end encryption and verifiability, protect every ballot from start to finish.


Meetings and assemblies, easier than ever

Meeting Manager offers live online voting designed to make your meetings, assemblies, and decision-making processes efficient and effective. Manage every step - from organizing the agenda to casting votes and viewing results - with just a few clicks on any internet-connected device, remotely or on site.


Interactive online training, customized for your election

Scytl Election Training ensures that you have well-trained workers for smooth and seamless elections. Customize online lessons for different positions and duties, track election worker progress, and conduct post-election evaluations for greater efficiencies in the future.


Secure election results, published in minutes

Election Night Reporting is an easy and efficient results publication tool that provides election officials and citizens with reliable results information. Report final tallies with intuitive election results maps and graphics that illustrate voter turnout, totals by vote type, and results by polling place. 

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How Scytl uses AWS


Full-Availability Service
Scytl runs across 4 AWS Availability Zones, each of which have the necessary protocols in place to ensure the availability of your data at all times, and to protect against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.


Data Protection and Compliance
Scytl and AWS both bring data protection to the table with complimentary security layers that ensure Scytl's solutions are compliant with rigorous international standards for data privacy and security.


Backups and Long-Term Storage
Scytl uses AWS Cloud technology to securely backup sensitive election and event data, offering long-term security storage for our clients while maintaining voter privacy every step of the way.

How do clients benefit from our partnership?


Heightened Security
AWS and Scytl both stand as pioneers in security. Combining the sophisticated Cloud Security of AWS with Scytl's advanced cryptographic protocols means your elections and events are protected and verifiable.


Added Efficiency and Reliability
With Scytl's online solutions on AWS you can manage and run any election, regardless of size and complexity, without needing to download any software. Organizing your event is streamlined, and your data is always available.


Increased Sustainability
Hosting our solutions online with AWS Cloud technology means less paper-reliance and a decreased carbon footprint when it comes to organizing your events, making Scytl's solutions the most sustainable choice for voting.