Online Voting
for Colleges and Universities

Ensuring Security, Accessibility, Privacy, and Transparency

March 29th  |  2:00–2:45pm  |  Room 553

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Investing in a secure online voting platform for various election processes, Texas Tech University (TTU) has recently begun implementing Scytl’s Invote Pro online voting solution. With 10 academic faculties, a law school and medical school, and more than 40,000 students, TTU needed an online voting system that is secure, protects data, provides both transparency and accessibility, and is flexible enough to work at scale and to adapt to different needs and requirements.


With Scytl election experts and higher education leaders from Amazon Web Services, learn how the TTU cross-organization team implemented Scytl’s online voting solution and will continue to manage their upcoming elections with confidence. Attendees will take home lessons learned from the implementation and rollout of the new system for coordinating education and awareness efforts across the university and will gain perspective on the urgent need for sophisticated, cloud-hosted solutions that guarantee security, accessibility, privacy, and transparency.

Guaranteed Electoral Security

Our solutions are equipped with the highest security measures to ensure election integrity and voter privacy at every step.

Streamlined elections

With numerous elections to various positions, universities require efficient election planning processes. Our solutions simplify every step of setting up and running an election, from creating the ballots to publishing results

Increased Overall Participation

Scytl's solutions allow voters to participate conveniently from anywhere, at any time, and on their own personal devices, helping boost turnout and engagement.

Sustainability & Efficiency

Implementing an online voting channel for elections and decision-making meetings can also help meet sustainability and efficiency goals by reducing overall resource use and time consumption.

"Our project went smoothly and we adored working with Scytl's team. They were pleasant, professional, and available at any time."

Dr. Karine Côté PhD

University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (UQAC)

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